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How does it work?

Is it Free???

With ItPaystoLearn all memberships are free. You will never have to pay a cent. The company pays for you to play. You receive points for every quiz that you take whether you get the answer right OR wrong!"

How Do I Join?

Simply click on this link ItPaystoLearn and it will take you to the sign up page where you can start to make money!

Will they really pay me and where do they get the money from?

Of course! If you don't really believe me, see the top of this page for a scan of one my first checks. They will either send you a check in the mail when you reach the minimum balance or if you have a Paypal account, then through that means. While you play your quizzes on each quiz is an advertisement. Advertisers pay the company money to have their product advertised. IPTL takes a portion of this as their revenue and pays out that revenue to their members based on how many points they got!

How Much Have You Made and How Much Have Others Made

So far, I have made about $645.09. Which is not too shabby for only 3 months. The top earner is achieving a huge $2200 per month!

I Want to Make A Lot of Money

The best way to make a large amount of money, such as the $2200 man is to play as much as you can and as well to refer people.

How Many People Can I Refer

You can tell as many people as you want. As well there is a 10 referral downline! That means that if you refer someone, you will receive a portion of their earnings and if they sign up someone (Level 2) then you will receive a portion as well, all the way down to 10 levels! The referral line can branch off tremendously! Receive 5000 points in a month and you can double all of your earnings!

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